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Interested in Fostering? 

What is Fostering? Fostering is like a  temporary ownership - you take care of your foster pet as though it were your own until we find the animal the right long-term, stable forever home. 

There are several different types of fostering including .....                  
        Sleepover/Weekend Foster - Take a shelter pet home for the weekend, pick up on a Friday evening and bring back on Monday Morning!

        Field Trips - Take a shelter pet out to the park or hiking for a few hours! 
        Adult Dog Foster- Take an older dog home for  a couple of weeks to get them out of the shelter, many people come in and adopt out the puppies before even looking at the older adult dogs!
        Foster to Adopt - Looking to adopt but the dog or cat is not  quite ready to be adopted, or maybe just not quite sure if it's the right fit? Foster for a week or so first and decide after some time to learn their personality! 
        Emergency Foster- Be on call for any emergencies that may occur, including broken legs, amputation, medical issues.
        Behavior Foster - Foster animals that have come in that need help socializing, breaking barrier aggression and helping feral kittens learn that people and abused dogs are not so bad.

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