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Kennel Sponsorship Opportunities

If you choose a kennel sponsorship, we pay for a professionally made sign to be placed on a kennel at the shelter with your business logo and information on it. You also have the opportunity to personally sponsor a kennel and have your name, pet's name, and picture on the sign.


Not only do you get to proudly display your sponsorship. But, you will feed either the dogs or cats that reside in that kennel for 1 full year! Don't miss out on this awesome way to support the Riverton Animal Adoption Center.


-Dog Kennel Sponsorships are $300.00

-Cat Kennel Sponsorships are $100.00

Contact us for any questions you may have or to start any of our sponsorships today!

adoptable pitbull cute dog paws for life riverton wyoming
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adoptable dog honor dog program riverton wyoming honor farm

Honor Dog Sponsorship

Our Honor Dog program is where the Honor Farm takes 4 of our dogs for an 8-week period and places them with inmate handlers.  The dogs are then put through the AKC Basic Obedience class. Which includes some agility training, crate training, leash training, and potty training.  This not only helps our pups find a more willing adoption. But also helps the dog make a lasting impact on their inmate handler!  The sponsorship covers the cost of food and supplies for each dog that enters the program!

-Honor Dog Sponsorships $200

adoptable dog honor dog program riverton wyoming honor farm
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