Honor Dog Program

We are excited to announce the start of our Honor Dog Program!

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Help Paws Help Animals!


Q: How does Paws benefit from this program?

A: “Paws receives 6% of the retail price for every subscription that is sold though the web portals at continental-crest.com/paws”

Q: ID theft protection and an animal shelter? (critters, pet adoption etc.)

A: Yes, In today’s modern world everyone needs an ID theft protection service and Paws benefits from every subscription.

Q: Are these services “good”?

A: Yes, both services are offered by world leaders. All of the options offer the three keys to a complete ID theft protection service. Which are 1) Prevention 2) Detection and 3) Restoration.

Q: So all I have to do is enroll and that is it?

A: No. You do have to register with the service. Every ID theft protection service requires you register. The ID Theft protection service will send you materials that will help you with the process.

Q: I love this idea. I already have a subscription I purchased somewhere else. Can I transfer my current subscription to Paws program?

A: No. Paws benefits only from subscriptions sold though the web portals at continental-crest.com/paws. For Paws to benefit you would have to cancel your current subscription and buy a new subscription through those specific web portals. Due to the time it takes for registration we can’t recommend you do that. However, if you would like to help Paws how about your refer a friend that needs the service?

Click here or on the photo above to enroll now. 

Kennel Sponsorships

Interested in becoming a volunteer? There are many ways you can help. From walking dogs to helping organize a fundraiser. No effort is ever too small.


Check out our variety of items available for purchase to help raise funds for the shelter.


Summer Hours


Tuesday - Friday: 12 - 6
Saturday: 10 - 1

Sunday & Monday: Closed



We are constantly fundraising and we know you don't want to be left out!! Check out all our awesome events going on throughout the year.

Cat Kennel Sponsorship: $100/year

Dog Kennel Sponsorship: $300/year

This sponsorship helps feed the animal(s) in this kennel for a year. Includes a plaque with any information you want on it. i.e. in a pet's honor or memory, a business, or just a family wanting to help our homeless critters of Fremont County If interested, please call Gina at 857-6002 and she will get you the paperwork.

All our animals are:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  •  Wormed

Adoption Fee:

  • Dogs $100.00 and up
  • Cats $50.00 and up
  Fundraisers & Events

Our Location


Paws for Life Animal League

515 South Smith Rd. Riverton, WY 82501 US


P.O. Box 1178

Riverton, WY 82501



 Paws Wish List

  our Adoptable Animals
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Paws for Life Animal League

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