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Order your awesome custom tag and Tags for Hope will donate $5.00 to Paws for every tag sold!! Just use this link!!! Make sure to send us pictures of your beloved pet rocking their new tag!

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We have 12 Knockerballs for rent. Call us at 857-6002 for more information!


 Phoebe is a 2 year old Border Colle and Retriever blend. She was adopted as a puppy but her owners moved and could not bring her with.

She is a dream to walk on a leash and once she knows and trusts you, a leash is not needed. She sticks right beside you. She loves people of all ages, and gets along with other dogs. She doesn't seem to bother the cats either.

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Basil is a playful, active kitty that is longing for a home and to get out of his kennel. He likes to play rough with the other cats so we recommend he be an only cat or have an owner experienced enough to help him and other cats get introduced properly. Because of his playful instincts, we think he would make an excellent mouser, even if he is a boy.

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Honor Dog Program

We are excited to announce the start of our Honor Dog Program!

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Tuesday - Friday: 12 - 6
Saturday: 10 - 1

Sunday & Monday: Closed



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Paws for Life Animal League

515 South Smith Rd. Riverton, WY 82501 US


Interested in becoming a volunteer? There are many ways you can help. From walking dogs to helping organize a fundraiser. No effort is ever too small.


Check out our variety of items available for purchase to help raise funds for the shelter.

We are constantly fundraising and we know you don't want to be left out!! Check out all our awesome events going on throughout the year.

All our animals are:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  •  Wormed

Adoption Fee:

  • Dogs $100.00 and up
  • Cats $50.00 and up



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